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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Energy Flow

Energy Flow through Living Things Review

1. What characteristics are shared by both primary and secondary consumers?
  they like to eat things that are alive, like meat or plants, they eat to gain energy

2. An energy pyramid is shown. At which level of the energy pyramid would most of the biomass be found?With the producers

3. A diagram of a marine food chain is provided. Which of the organisms in the food chain transforms energy from the Sun into food?phytoplankton & other producers
4. A diagram is provided. Which portion of the diagram represents the level with the most available energy?

the 1st level, or the producers
5. A diagram of a pond food chain is provided. Which of the following could possibly increase the total amount of energy the catfish population receives within its food chain?

if there is an increase in the beetle population, they would have more energy
6. A diagram is provided. Which of the following correctly shows one path that energy would flow through this ecosystem?


7. A diagram of a prairie food web is provided. A reduction in deer population will have the effect in the amount of energy this ecosystem is able to provide for which of the following organisms?

The mountain lion

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