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Monday, May 13, 2013

Elements & Compounds Review

Elements & Compounds Review
1. What is the difference between a compound and an element?
Element: One atom or compound
Compound: 2 or more elements
2. Which element is the most abundant in Earth’s crust?
3. What does the periodic table tell you about an element?
Its energy level, atomic weight, atomic number, and how many protons and neutrons it has
4. Which 3 elements are most abundant in the plants and animals that make up the biosphere?
Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
5. What is the smallest particle of any particular type of matter?
6. The oceans are primarily composed of which two elements?
Hydrogen & Oxygen
7. Which two elements are the most common in the rocky outer surface that makes up Earth’s lithosphere?
Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum
8. Which 3 elements make up LIVING things on Earth?
Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen
9. What is the atmosphere of Earth comprised mostly of oxygen and ______________________.
10. A rock found in a field probably contains which element?
11. When plants and animals interact with the atmosphere, they are exchanging which elements abundant in both the atmosphere and living things?
Oxygen and Carbon
12. Elements are the CAPITAL letters in the formulas. How many different elements are in this formula?
3 different elements

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