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Monday, April 1, 2013

Post #11 Systems of the Human Body Web Surfing Science

Part I: Interactive Body

1. The kneecap is embedded in your _patella___ muscle.
2. The __
Achilles tendon____ is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. 3. You can smell, because nerve impulses travel from your ____spinal cord_____ to your brain.
4. The ____biceps brachii_____ muscle is usually the first one people flex to show off their strength.

Part II: Body Systems
Body Systems:
Match the organ system with its function by placing the number of the system in the box next to the function.
  1. Muscular
  2. Nervous
  3. Skeletal
  4. Cardiovascular (circulatory)
  5. Endocrine
  6. Respiratory
  7. Lymphatic (immune)
  8. Integumentary
  9. Digestive
    10. Reproductive 
    11. Urinary
  • __3_.  Provides support and protection. Produces red blood cells and stores minerals.
  • __4_.  Delivers important substances and removes waste through out the entire body.
  • ___.  Enables motion, digestion and function of the heart.
  • __5_.  Secretes hormones important to metabolism, growth and overall homeostasis.
  • __7_.  Provides protection from infections.
  • __6_.  Supplies oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the body.
  • __9_.  Stores and digest food, eliminates waste and absorbs water.
  • _10_.  Produces new living organisms.
  • ____.  Eliminates waste, maintains blood homeostasis.
  • ____.  Maintains homeostasis, reduces water loss, responds to stimuli.
  • ____.  Controls all the systems and organs directly using signals. 
Part III: Put it Together
Put it Together:
Choose each of the body parts and determine which body system systems the part belongs to.
Lungs ________respiratory system_________________
Muscles __________muscular system_______________
Nose _________________________
Nails _______integumentary system__________________
Stomach _________________________
Teeth _________________________
Bladder _________________________ Tongue _________________________
Heart _________________________
Immune cells _________________________
Skin _________________________
Bones _________________________
Brain _________________________
Endocrine glands _________________________ Kidneys _________________________
Ears _________________________
Eyes _________________________
Liver _________________________
Hair _________________________ 

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