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Naila :]

Friday, April 19, 2013

Calculating Destiny

1. What do the following formulas mean?

Formulas for density

2. What conclusion might be drawn from the table below if an element has a mass of 150g and a volume of 10 cm3?
It is gold

3. What approach or strategy would we use to calculate the density of the box below if we know that the box’s mass is 48 grams?
 You would divide the mass by the volume to figure out its density
4. What can you infer from the liquids shown below?
Tube A is more denser than tube B
5. What is a valid conclusion for why ice and wood float in water?
Because its less denser than water

6. Your teacher gives you the following irregular shaped objects: marble, nail, small seashell, and a bolt. You are supposed to find the density of these four objects. Develop a plan and then explain how you are going to find the density of these irregularly shaped objects.
You would divide each of their mass by their volume, but to find their volume you would have to get a liter of water and fill it knowing what its volume. Then you would drop the item in it and then you measure how much the volume increased, you subtract and then you will find out its volume, for each.

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