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Friday, March 8, 2013

Post #8 Web Surfing Science-Functions of a Cell

Part I: Lysosomes 
1. Lysosomes are vesicles that contain what? 
2. What role do these enzymes play? 
 They digest small food particles that passed onto the cell.
3. Which human body system has a function similar to the lysosome? 
 The stomach

 Part II: Functions of Organelles
1. Which organelle could be considered the "brain" of the cell?
 The nucleus
2. Which organelle serves as the transportation system? 
Endoplasmic Reticulum 
3. Which organelle makes proteins out of RNA and amino acids? 
4. Which organelle protects the cell? 
 Cell membrane
5. Which organelle serves as a shipping department sending the needed goods to other organelles? 
Golgi Bodies

 Part III: Cell Theory
1. How does this animation support cell theory? 
Because it demonstrates how everything in the cell happens (about genetic material)

 Part IV: Cellular Metabolism & Photosynthesis 
1. What is cellular metabolism animal cells and for plant cells?
Metabolic pathways, genes regulate the chemical reactions, and ensure that energy is dispersed to those cells who need it.

2. Explain the steps of photosynthesis.
First, it collects energy form the sun, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and water that most of the time comes from the soil. Inside the plant, the energy of sunlight is used to convert water and dioxide into glucose. Oxygen is then after released into the atmosphere. 

Part V: Cellular respiration
1. What are the stages of cellular respiration?
Inside mitochondria, the glucose that is being separated, undergoes through a chemical reaction called respiration. When done, it makes 3 things, ATP, water, and the waste gas (carbon dioxide). Cells expel the carbon dioxide into your blood, and carries it to your lungs. When you breathe out, you're exhaling the carbon dioxide.