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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Web Surfing Science-Heredity

1. The passing of  traits  from parent to child is the basis of heredity.
2. Where are the instructions that define our traits? In our genes.
3. What exactly is a trait? a feature or quality found in a person
4. What is an allele, and how many do we have for each trait? The set of genetic information for each form, 1 allele.
5. What do homozygous and heterozygous mean? homozygous- to describe having two of the same allele for a trait. Heterozygous- to describe having two different alleles for a trait.
6. If someone has a dominant allele and a recessive allele, what will happen?  The H allele will mask the h allele.
7. How are traits inherited? When the parents have a child, they pass on one of their two alleles to the child. The child's trait is determined by the alleles she receives from her parents.
8. Why don't all children of a family look just a like? Because they sometimes get different genes from their parents.
    Which of these traits do you have?I can roll my tongue, and no dimples

1. Gregor Mendel identified seven distinguishable individual traits that he could readily distinguish. Each one, he discovered, had two different forms of expression.
2. Mendel reasoned that the yellow trait was dominant.
3. Studies done by Thomas Hunt Morgan show that in fruit flies, the gene for eye color must be physically carried on the X chromosome.

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