Naila :]

Naila :]

Friday, February 8, 2013

Web Surfing Science-Adaptions

1. Why is genetic variation important? Because if not then we would all look the same
2. What are the 3 key ingredients in the Recipe of Evolution? Variation, selection, time

1. Through the process of natural selection,and extensive use of  antibiotics            bacteria are becoming stronger.
2. What is another product people may misuse to increase bacterial resistance.soap
3. Describe how natural selection is occurring in these bacteria. Because the bacteria reproduces and makes different types.
Explain how variation in the pollen peepers shaped each population to best match its new environment on each different island. Cite details from one of the islands to support your explanation. Their differences helped them change certain qualities to be able o adapt more firmly to the environment. Like on Windsor Island, it receives much water, so they had to change and eat different types of foods.

1. What plant is said to be the ancestor of corn? teosinte
2. List two other examples of crops that humans have "domesticated" cabbage and broccoli
3. What is the downside to artificial selection?
In dogs, this has resulted in breeds that have health issues ranging from decreased life span to hip dysplasia.

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