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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post #6 Perot Museum Writing Assignment

Physics Lab:
  Different from the others, my group and I were part of the physics group. Instead of having to dissect hearts, we learned more about forces, than we already know. The guy that was teaching us, Mr. Squire, taught us many experiments that we're very interesting. Like.. 
    If you have paper and two dense metal balls, you can press the balls together with force, and the paper between them, it'll make a hole in the paper. Not just because of how much force you put did it make a hole, but because of friction. Friction burned the paper, which caused to make a hole. We even tried to use up to 6 papers, and it still worked!
    They had made a roller coaster out of legos to measure time per meter and speed. It started way up high, maybe about four feet, and then went downhill. We had to measure the length of the coaster, so that we can measure sped per meter. A car made out of legos was also there, so we just pushed the mini car down the path, and the speed got measured by a speed meter that was right above the half point. We were given a paper, and we were supposed to use the formula given. I can't remember how much it measured, but finding the answer was pretty cool.
    Did you know that if you get a big squared piece of wood, put a rough paper on top, tie a string on it to be able to hang it, place a plastic cup on it, then spin it around in a circle... the cup won't fall? I certainly didn't know it was even possible, until he gave us a demonstration. Imagine putting a cup on a piece of wood and spinning it.. without ever falling! The time we spent in there was pretty fun! Eve though there was much more, my mind is in many places, and can't remember very well.
    Sport floor: I didn't really participate in the activities, but i did watch all of them happen.
Watching people racing a gold olympian winner, football player, cheetah and a T-rex. Even though I knew cheetahs were the fastest animals in the world, i didn't know they were that fast. It was intriguing watching people trying to beat cheetahs.. and funny.
    Bird floor:   I  wanted to do the thing where you stand on a hologram of a little bird, move your arms around silly, and the bird in front of you on the screen does exactly what you were doing with your arms, but there was a big line. There was this little table that had kitchen utensils, I think, and you scoop up these little beads, pom-pom balls, and plastic white balls that were meant for picking up with the utensils into a cup. Depending on which section of the table you were sitting at, was what type of materials you would pick up. So.. it was demonstrating how much a serving was for a bird. It got pretty boring soon, so I just tried aiming the balls into the plastic cup for a while until we were suppose to move onto the next floor.
    Bones/dinosaurs floor: At first, when I walked in, all I saw were the dinosaurs in front of me. Then I saw pictures taking pictures of the ceiling, or so i thought. It was actually an enormous sea turtle! Seemed as big as a table made for eight, but round. The on the side, they had remade other animals that were known as extinct.
    Technology floor: 


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