Naila :]

Naila :]

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adaptions writing

Over the many years that natural selection has roamed Earth, it has helped with our world becoming more developed.  Natural selection is the process of when a species becomes more specialized to suit their environments. So all the animals that we see today may have looked different from the way we see them. The more they live, means that they have helpful traits that help them survive, and will be passed on when they reproduce. Depending on where they live, is what their body should be more used to. Some animals were born with ability's and some have adapted to the specific way of living. Some animals that have owners may have  put 2 different breed's together to form a specific breed of animal, called selective breeding. Camouflage or the color of their skin helps them stay alive (external). Knowing when predators are around, and when to hide helps them to not get eaten by predators.

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