Naila :]

Naila :]

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


1. Kim~ eye shape- mom, skin- dad, lips- mom, nose- mom, hair color- mom, eye color- dad, ears- mother, eyebrows, mother.

2. Kourtney~ eye color- dad, face shape- dad, hair color- mother, nose shape- mom, ears- mother, lips- dad,  eyebrows- mother.

3. Khloe~ eye shape- mother, nose- mother, hair color- dad, lips- dad, eye color- mother, face structure- mother, eyebrows- father.

4. Robert Jr.~ eye shape- father, eye color- father, hair color- mother, ears- father, nose- father, eyebrows- father, face structure- mother, lips- mama

5. Mason~ eye shape- scott, eye color- kourtney, skin color- scott, hair color- scott, eyebrows- kourtney, nose- kourtney, lips- kourtney

6. Penelope- hair color- scott, eye color- scott, eye shape- kourtney, skin color- scott, lips- scott, nose- kourtney, ears- scott, eyebrows- kourtney

List of inherited genes:
1) eye color
2) hair color
3) lips
4) skin
5) face structure
6) noses
7) eyebrows
8) ears

Heredity is the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.

How does one generation pass instructions to the next?
    Through your DNA.

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